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VYMI EduConcert 2023: Soloist Audition is the first ever program in Vietnam that looks for young soloists who play violin, flute and piano, either professional or amateur, to perform with the prestigious Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO). VYMI EduConcert 2023: Soloist Audition will bring the opportunity of performing with the VNSO and Maestro Honna Tetsuji at the VYMI EduConcert: Mozart & Now which will be held in Hanoi this October, 2023.

The whole program is completely free of charge, with the goal of bringing this rare opportunity to all young passionate musicians, regardless of their nationality, class and occupation.

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1. Name:

VYMI EduConcert 2023: Soloist Audition


2. Timeline:

3. Candidate Eligibility:

All young violinists, flutists and pianists, 10 to 26 of age (birth date ranging from October 14, 1998 to October 14, 2013), regardless of nationalities are welcome to apply.

4. Audition:

TWO Rounds: Preliminary Round (Video Audition) and Final Round (Live Audition)

5. How to apply:

  • Prepare the applications videos and fill in the Application Form to enter the Preliminary Round.

  • Candidates who have successfully passed the Preliminary Round will be invited to perform at the Final Round: Live Audition in Hanoi.


6. Location of Final Round and Concert:

  • Final Round: 65 Cam Hoi, Dong Mac, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

  • VYMI EduConcert: Mozart & Now: Hanoi (specific venue to be announced)

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The Vietnam Youth Music Institute is a social enterprise with a mission: to inspire the young generation to build lasting relationship with music, especially classical music, through various experiential programs such as educational concerts, workshops and the Vietnam Youth Orchestra.


VYMI's primary focus is not on the training of musicians, but on becoming a bridge between the modern world of young people, and the beautiful world of classical music. We hope that these encounters will contribute to the musical aesthetic pleasure of a new generation of music lovers, those who will build a better future for Vietnam, and for the world.



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