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VYMI EduConcert 2023: Soloist Audition: Q&A

Can I apply for the Audition if I am over 26 years old?

Answer: No

The Soloist Audition Program is an opportunity for youth who play the violin, flute or piano, aged from 10 to 26 years old (starting from 14/10/1998 to 14/10/2013), regardless of occupation or nationality.

How much is the application fee? Do I have to pay any extra fee?

As a student at a Music or Art academy, but not learning the piano, flute or violin professionally, can I apply for the audition in the amateur group?

In the Video Audition and Live Audition, do I have to perform the whole concerto?

Where can I find the music score for the audition?

When performing the piece, am I allowed to look at the music score?

In the Video Audition, do I need someone to play the accompaniment part in replacement of the orchestra?

What should I keep in mind when videotaping my audition performance?

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