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VYO Audition 2023

Let’s register for the audition at: so that you can

  • Play music and be a wonderful part of the passionate Vietnam Youth Orchestra

  • Share the joy of playing music with friends from various schools, backgrounds and nationalities

  • Coached by and have the prospects of performing with the great artists from the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO)

  • Opportunities of meeting and learning from reputable guest artists, both from Vietnam and internationally.

  • Opportunities of performing in the prestigious performance art spaces such as the Hanoi Opera House, as well as creative culture spaces

  • Various opportunities to participate in social programs and creative projects, which positively contribute to the community

As long as you love playing an instrument, the VYO family is for you! Don’t hesitate and apply for the VYO now to explore even further the joy of being in an orchestra ^^

The Vietnam Youth Orchestra (VYO) is the Vietnam's first multi-national youth symphony orchestra, and an initiative of VYMI in strategic partnership with the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO), to establish an orchestra program for the young, aged 12 to 22. VYO's mission is to create a vibrant youth orchestra, where its members discover the life-long joy of music-making, becoming world citizens with a deep appreciation of the arts, regardless of their future professions.

In 2022,, the VYO successfully gave its debut - the VYO Grand Concert at the Hanoi Opera House. Soon after, VYO kicked off its overwhelmingly joyful community concert series in public spaces around Hanoi, bringing to the capital's residents a fresh, refreshing cultural breeze. In 2023, we started our series of community concerts with a charity concert with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, which effectively raised educational funds for 17 underprivileged children which allow them to go to school and have a brighter future. Together, we also appeared in the opening of VTV Awards - Ấn tượng VTV 2022, as well as news broadcasted by VTV channel and other credited news medias in in Vietnam.

With a mindset of practicing earnestly and sincerely, we also have the opportunities of meeting famous musicians, composers and artists, both in Vietnam and internationally!!

We are excited to welcome our new friends, who will bring with us the sound of Violin | Viola | Cello | Contrabass | Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bassoon | Trumpet | Trombone | Horn | Tuba | Timpani & Percussion ----- Register for the audition at:

---- For more information, please contact VYO via: - Inbox fanpage - 024.32222503 (9-17h from Monday to Friday) - -


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