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"Curiouser and curiouser"

Alice in wonderland


The door to the magical world of classical music.

What's inside classical music? 

​What makes a piece of music last hundreds of years?

​How can I start listening to chamber music?

How to understand a symphony?


We invite you to follow your own curiosities,

Then open the door to discover the world of classical music.


Certainly the strange, the overwhelming, the interesting, the enchanting,

The most amazing is waiting for you.



VYMI is a not-for-profit social company with the purpose of inspiring young people to form long-lasting relationships through music. Through a variety of experience initiatives, particularly classical music, such as instructional performances, seminars, and the Vietnamese Youth Symphony Orchestra

Các dự án đã thực hiện



VYMI's primary goal is not to produce musicians and artists, but to serve as a link between the current world of young people and the exquisite environment of classical music. We believe that this conference will instill a musical taste in a new generation of music enthusiasts who will help Vietnam and the globe construct a brighter future.

Đơn vị bảo trợ | Patron

​Đối tác chiến lược | Strategic Partner

​Đơn vị đồng hành | Suppoter


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