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Conductor Phan Do Phuc: "To me, the essence of music is sharing"

September 8 was the first stage of the VYO. This is the first step on the journey of spreading Classical Music to the community audience. Let's hear from Conductor Phan Do Phuc about this huge milestone of VYO and the stories that VYO will tell the audience at the upcoming concert!

"As the first multi-national young orchestra in Vietnam, the Vietnam Youth Orchestra (VYO) was officially born in March this year and is only 6 months old so far. It's not been a long time, but there are already connections, empathy, and energy interference between the members; all of which are not always guaranteed to be present in any other music ensembles. This is a very fortunate thing for VYO. Among the 79 members of VYO, for most of them, this is the very first time they can join an orchestra program and attend regular weekly rehearsals. Nonetheless, right from the first rehearsal, the members exhibited tremendous energy from their love of music, and their eagerness to play music with their peers. In addition, this positive energy did not decrease with each rehearsal; but instead has increased, together with their experience in playing together. Therefore, all VYO members are very excited to share the fruit of our hard, but happy labor over the past 6 months with Hanoi's audience.

The pieces in VYO debut program are chosen to provide a rich and colorful classical music experience, yet still approachable to the audience. About the richness and diversity; VYO's program includes works that introduce particular instrument sections: strings, trumpets, and the entire orchestra. Among the works written for strings, each piece has a distinct color and characteristic; each shows off the distinctive sounds that only string instruments can produce, from the full, passionate tones, to the playful, raspy sounds when the entire string section plucks (pizzicato) rather than using a bow. In addition, works chosen for the whole orchestra (full symphony orchestra) use less common instruments, such as the harp, or a big variety of percussion instruments so that the audience can fully experience the full spectrum of a symphony orchestra.

To me, the essence of music is sharing. Once you see the beauty and noble value of music for yourself, it is a natural consequence to want to share those good things with many people. After serious rehearsal sessions to dig deep into the beauty of each musical work, all of us at the Vietnam Youth Orchestra (VYO) are extremely excited to have the opportunity to bring beautiful melodies, graceful dances, and positive energy to the community."


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