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Shares by parents and students about VYO

Since its launch to the present, VYO has received a lot of attention, sharing, and encouragement from parents and students. Each story is such a great motivation for VYO and the organizing team. VYO is extremely happy and grateful, so we decided to quote and share these precious stories with everyone

“My daughter from Toronto used to play in groups at music schools and summer camps, and in 2019-2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, she applied and started playing in the Senior Orchestra of the Moordale Youth Orchestra (was the youngest member of the Senior Orchestra). Then the pandemic broke out, the orchestra had to stop (move online), my daughter was very sad and disappointed.

When my family decided to return to Vietnam to work and live, I asked and searched everywhere for an organization like VYO, but at that time there was no one. I clicked Follow many Facebook pages of classical music groups, teams, etc. in the classical music world, but somehow today -- with only a few days left to apply -- I just found out about VYO and this news. My child still doesn't know.

… I am very happy to read this announcement.

I was also a bit surprised when I read the announcement. Because last year I looked up and there was no classical music group accepting a 12-year-old." - Mrs. Lan Nguyen shared.

“I thank you all for accepting me in round 1. I am very happy and look forward to meeting you soon so that I can directly talk and perform my part in round 2. I will practice hard. I hope to be accepted into the orchestra to have the opportunity to play music and learn from friends and coaches. I thank you all and see you all.”

“I would like to sincerely thank you for choosing me among many other talented players as one of the auditioners for the next round. I cannot find the words to express how happy I am now and I am looking forwards to meeting the VYO team in the live audition on 19 and 20 February 2022./.Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity.”

And there are many many more lovely and precious stories to share, which cannot be mentioned all.

Once again, VYO sincerely thanks you all a lot for giving so much love and support.

See you in round 2!


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