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Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng | Classical music can be "drawn"

Wonderful stories about Classical Music were presented in the workshop "Maps," which was held on Sunday, March20, 2022, as part of the Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng – A Classical Music Discovery Course, led by Music Educator Trang Trinh.

Concert Guru is a brief course that takes participants on a trip through the delights of classical music. This is a place where young art lovers can gain knowledge, motivation, and experience in order to appreciate the beauty of classical music pieces performed at spectacular Hanoi concerts.

In March 2022, Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng took young people on a journey to discover "VNSO Subscription Concert No. 140", with the passionate guidance of a trustworthy friend, Music Educator Trang Trinh.

The course began with a brief introduction to basic classical music knowledge and different routes for students to approach the spotlight work "Schumann Piano Concerto" in their own way, taught by music instructor Trang Trinh.

Let's see how inspired students are after the first chapter of Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng!

"Sitting in the classroom feels like time has stopped, there's only me, classical music, Schumann and Trang Trinh. I was very happy.

Johann Pachelbel's "Canon and Gigue in D Major" was the first classical music I heard at church when I was a child. The clear and happy melody of this song piqued my interest in classical music. However, due to a lack of understanding and orientation, my listening frequency has been significantly disrupted since then. Fortunately, I've encountered musicians in recent years who have inspired me to delve deeper into the area of academic music. As a result, I went to see "Concert Guru" with excitement and curiosity.

Two more reasons why I joined Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng is that Schumann and I have a lot in common. We are both law students (laughing), have a romantic soul, and are passionate about music. I went to see "Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng to meet Ms. Trang Trinh" in particular. I especially respect a person who is both an educator and an artist, and she has exceeded my expectations when attending a classical music discovery course, which I have known and followed for a long time through her efforts. - Minh Quan, a 22-year-old man.

“It's been a long time since I was so enthusiastic about a lesson. I'm a student with a major that has nothing to do with art, but I enjoy learning about music. My knowledge was strewn about when I learnt on my own at home, so I was longing for an instructor or some basic course. I quickly joined up when I saw "Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng," and it was just what I imagined! It's new, and the mood in the classroom is fantastic. " - Duy Anh, a 23-year-old man.

"I come to Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng to broaden my personal perspective in a new field, so that I may fall in love with an industry completely different from what I am studying and oriented towards.

Before enrolling in this course, I only knew about Beethoven's well-known classical music, such as "For Elise" or "Symphony No. 5", but I wanted to learn more about this genre of music. Following the workshop, I was able to better grasp the feelings that the musician placed into each note, as well as how the musical genres of each era represented the times' beliefs and opinions. - 18-year-old Hong Van.

" When I used to listen to classical music, I could only hear the pitch, the rhythm, and a hazy sense of the song's passion. After attending "Map" workshop and listening to Trang Trinh's presentation, I discovered that, indeed, classical music can be "drawn," that it can be used to depict individuals, and that it can operate as a bridge to assist listeners understand the musician's story." - 18-year-old Quynh Huong

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