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Concert & Dialogues MỞ x Ly: A Normal Person

We all have unique lives, but looking back they are all the same. You and I, ordinary people, share a wide range of emotions, both simple and magical.

After "Không gian của sự mộng mơ", dialogue & concert MỞ will bring a story from a normal persion. The story this time is told by LY - a young cellist with a lot of emotions happening every day, every hour. Like today's little happiness, lingering doubts about herself, the question of whether I am growing up or the wonderful feeling of being free in the domain of her own space. We believe that you will also see yourself in Ly's daily stories.

Those daily stories will be packed in 3 boxes named CONTRACT - FREEDOM - MATURE. Each box contains different classical music works, and sentimental melodies waiting for responses and sharing from the audiences. Which music will perform first, what will be the ending melody? No one knows. We gladly give this decision to each audience. Because we hope, each friend who comes to MỞ will be the one who contributes to our story, the "conversation" between ordinary people but brilliant.

See you at the Concert & Dialogue MỞ x Ly: A Normal Person, where we listen and write vibes against a background of sparkling melodies.

- Time: 20:00, Friday, September 23, 2022

- At 65 Cam Hoi, Dong Mac, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

- Link to get tickets at:

- Support call center: 024 32222 503 (9-16h from Monday to Friday)

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