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Music Appreciation Program "My morning song"

The New Day Songs course with VYMI is within the framework of the My Morning Song - New Day Songs project, sponsored by the British Council. The course takes place in parallel in the UK and in Vietnam from 11/2021 to 2/2022, for 7-year-olds. The course was designed by Caroline Sharp, Violinist & music educator of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Trang Trinh - Member of the Royal Academy of Music, music educator of the VYMI.

In the New Day Song course with VYMI,

the children will

  • Learn to appreciate classical music with Edward Elgar's Chason de Martin (A New Day's Song)

  • Explore your creativity and artistic expression through interactive experiential activities: creative storytelling, music composition

  • Exploring culture through morning themes in Vietnam and the UK.Nurturing artistic taste, appreciation of cultural differences between countries and love for the beauties in life.

  • The project is implemented with participation in the UK, which is All Souls Primary School, St Andrew and St Francis School (London). In Scotland, it is Macduff Primary School (Macduff). And in Vietnam, it's Sentia Inter-School, Timeschool Primary School and Trang An Primary School (Hanoi). And especially with the participation of 3 artists from Vietnam Symphony Orchestra: bassoonist Van Thanh Ha, trumpeter Pham The Hoanh, cellist Luu Ly Ly


Download the teaching manual here




Member of the Royal Academy of Music, London, where she graduated with a master's degree in MMus. She is the co-author of elementary music textbooks, a Fellow of Atlantic Fellows organization, is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and has won many international awards. She has taught at a variety of projects, including Miracle Choir & Orchestra, Project with PLAN INTERNATIONAL, etc. Currently, she is the CEO of Vietnam Youth Music Institute



Violinist, music educator, and member of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. She graduated with M.A. from the Royal Academy of Music, London, and worked with Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Colin Davis. She won many awards, including the EMI Sound Foundation award. Caroline has taught on a variety of projects, including Raise your Voice and the Music in Prisons project in the UK.


Connecting Through Culture (CTC) is a grant program run by the British Council in the UK and Southeast Asia for the past 16 years to foster international collaborations through art and culture. The Southeast Asia (SEA) edition of CTC was successfully launched in August 2019, and we have now completed three granting rounds, supporting 34 mobility/online collaborations in 2019 and 38 online collaborations in 2020.

The primary objective of CTC is to support new connections, exchanges and collaborations between the UK and Southeast Asia that build long-term relationships between artists, cultural professionals, creative practitioners and art and cultural organizations, hubs, networks, and collectives. With global travel in 2021 still highly restricted and uncertain, the CTC grant should be used to develop new and strengthen existing relationships between the UK and Southeast Asia via online/digital means.

The grant should be used to support the process to develop projects with artistic expression or creativity at the core and that will result in collaborative activities including artistic and creative exchange of either skills, knowledge, and practice or the co-production towards new artistic and creative content. Various approaches can be employed such as art residencies, exhibitions, performances and showcases, publications, webinars, and conferences.


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