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Music Appreciation Program "Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng"

Concert Guru is a brief course that takes participants on a trip through the delights of classical music. This is a place where young art lovers can gain knowledge, motivation, and experience in order to appreciate the beauty of classical music pieces performed at spectacular Hanoi concerts.

In March 2022, Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng took young people on a journey to discover "VNSO Subscription Concert No.140", with the passionate guidance of a trustworthy friend, Music Educator Trang Trinh.

Structure of Concert Guru: Lạ Lùng

including the 4 main parts

1. Workshop "Map": Music Educator Trang Trinh briefly introduces basic knowledge and different routes for students to choose to approach the masterpiece "Schumann Piano Concerto" along the individualized route.

2. 'Study' Time: During this process, students read guided materials on their own to prepare for their journey during the Rehearsal & Concert.The deeper this experience, the better the results will be. At this stage, students are able to ask questions and get feedback from the Companion as well as from the Performers (if appropriate).

3. "Journey" Rehearsal & Concert: Students attend the Rehearsal and enjoy the Subscription Concert no.140 of Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. This is the opportunity for students to directly experience music according to the route they have chosen and studied. The Companion will be present throughout this journey to provide support and answer questions (if any).

4. Intimate "Meeting": Students can choose the form of ending work after the course such as an essay, group presentation, or any other creative work on the masterpiece “Piano Concerto”. Along with that, there was a sharing and conversation session with the Conductor of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra - Honna Tetsuji and the pianist Hsin-Chiao Liao.

© Format created by Trang Trinh for the Vietnam Youth Music Institute

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