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"Curiosity, then more curiosity"

Alice lost in wonderland


"Curiouser and curiouser"

Alice in wonderland

We are VYMI

The door to the magical world of classical music.

What's inside classical music?  

What makes a piece of music last for hundreds of years?

How can I start listening to chamber music?

How to understand a symphony?


We invite you to follow your own curiosities,

Then open the door to discover the world of classical music.


the strangest, most overwhelming, enchanting,

most amazing adventure is ahead of you.

VYMI Brand_edited.png

As a social enterprise, VYMI is a not for profit organisation with the mission: to inspire young people to build lasting relationships with music, especially classical music through multi-experience programmes:  educational concerts, workshops, regular music appreciation courses, Vietnam Youth Orchestra,...


VYO is an orchestra program for the young, aged 12-22. VYO's mission is to create a vibrant youth orchestra, where its member discover the life-long joy of music-making, becoming world citizens with a deep appreciation of the arts, regardless of their future professions.  

​VYO is open to young players of all nationalities, Rehearsals will be conducted in English.  For the first year of establishment, VYO membership fee is free of charge.


Learn to enjoy classical music in a variety of programs, designed for all ages: hear classical music for the first time at Music Basic, Encounter, explore instrument at Funharmonic, learn the history of music at Time Machine, or dive deeply into a piece of music at Concert Guru.


Your exploration of the magical world can begin now. Completely free.

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